Honduras Coffee - Du Rhône

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Honduras Coffee - Du Rhône

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Roue des saveurs de Honduras Coffee - Du Rhône



Moises Hidardo Hernandez is a fourth-generation coffee farmer and the founder of Cafés Especiales Mercedes Ocotepeque (CAFESMO). Finca Las Cascaritas is the farm he inherited from his father and currently operates with his mother, herself a third-generation coffee farmer. The farm is located on 3.5 hectares of hilly terrain with trees, at an altitude of between 1200 and 1300 meters. The diversity of vegetation includes native pine trees, as well as banana, walnut, and hazelnut trees. In addition to the natural, honey process and washed specialty coffees, Hidardo began working on experimental micro-lots in 2015 to explore opportunities to develop unusual cup profiles. Using non-traditional processes on lesser-known varietals led him to produce coffees with pronounced fruity and vinous notes that would appeal to consumers with more adventurous preferences.


In the cup, this coffee gives you first the fruity and juicy notes of apple and grape (influence of the yeast). Then you will find a touch of acid and freshness that resembles lemon and lime, to fall into the sweet and soft notes of panela, honey, and chocolate. You will find in addition, the spicy note of cinnamon which remains from last time.





Pomme, raisin, citron, lime, panela, miel, chocolat, noix & cannelle

Variété botanique

Pacas Obata


Fermentation aérobie à la levure de Côtes du Rhône



Moises Hidardo Hernandez


1210 m


Plan del Rosario, Mercedes, Ocotepeque, Honduras