colobia coffee - mujeres del cauca

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colobia coffee - mujeres del cauca

Roue des saveurs de colobia coffee - mujeres del cauca



The coffee comes from family farms organized around the Asociación de Mujeres Caficultoras del Cauca (AMUCC), a producers' association comprising 274 women living in the municipalities of Balboa, Cajibio, Caldono, El Tambo, Florencia, La sierra, La Vega, Morales, Piendamo, Popayan and Timbio, in Colombia's Cauca department. This Colombian department is a little paradise on earth. Its valleys are inexhaustibly fertile, thanks to a combination of altitude, humidity and volcanic soil. But this southern region of the country also knows what it's like to descend into the abyss due to the armed conflict in Colombia. It was in this difficult context that the Association of Women Coffee Growers of Cauca (AMUCC) was born.


Once harvested, the cherries are transported to a washing station where they undergo a complete washing process to remove the pulp and outer skin. This washing is carried out mechanically, followed by soaking in water to remove any remaining mucilage residue. After washing, the coffee beans are placed on drying tables in full sunlight. This sun-drying process can last several days, and requires constant supervision to avoid overheating the beans or contamination by external elements. Once the beans have been sun-dried, they are ready to be shipped to your favorite roaster, where they will be roasted to reveal their unique flavours.


This coffee evokes a symphony of enchanting flavours. Juicy pineapple dances with tangy lemon and refreshing lime, creating a captivating fruity harmony. Floral notes of lavender and rosemary mingle, adding a delicate, fragrant touch to this gustatory composition. Finally, sage adds a subtle herbaceous note, like a whisper of nature. This coffee is an enchanting sensory experience, inviting you on an unforgettable gustatory journey.





Rose, Miel, Lime, Citron, Pomme, Raisin, Prune, Nectarine, Goyave

Variété botanique

Sudan Rume





Luiz Paulo Pereira Filho


1200 m


Carmo de Minas, Minas Gerais