The Professional Barista's Handbook

The Professional Barista's Handbook

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The Professional Barista's Handbook* is a practical guide written by Scott Rao dedicated to all baristas seeking to improve their art and technique of coffee mastery.

Scott Rao: "When I started working in the coffee industry in 1993, I had read every book I could find on coffee. But after reading all those books, I felt like I hadn't learned much about how to make good coffee. My coffee library was filled with colorful books about brewing styles, regions, culture, and recipes, plus a few almost unreadable science books. I would have traded all of these books for one serious, practical book with relevant instructions on how to make great coffee. After working in the coffee business for 15 years, I decided that someone had to write this book, so I decided to write The Professional Barista's Handbook."

*We only have the original English version for now.