An espresso for the cod please!

Dany Marquis

Following reading a text published by PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals), see the link below, concerning the Lipton company which allegedly carried out tests on animals in order to measure the "curative" properties of tea, I would like to submit my thoughts to you. For those who speak English very well but don't read it, it was Lipton who stuffed little animals with all kinds of junk to make them sick and force-fed them green tea to see if there would be any improvements to their health. For what? Well if they want to talk about, for example, the famous antioxidants that prevent cancer, well they have to prove it.

There would have been slip-ups on Lipton's part. Obviously, this is according to PETA. I have never been a fan of apothecary arguments to extol the merits of tea or coffee. Because there would also be antioxidants in coffee. Have you noticed how we rush to attach virtues to foods? In food industry jargon, we call it a nutraceutical. This means that an active ingredient present naturally in a food provides a beneficial effect for health. Except that there is confusion around the information that can be communicated on the packaging of food products. Indeed, the lack of international consensus on the meaning of the different terms that have appeared on packaging disturbs the demarcation that has always existed between medicines and foods. We haven't gotten to the point of being prescribed broccoli by the grocery store clerk, but almost. All this to tell you that I find it distressing to see foods from the perspective of health benefits.

I am an enjoyer, I eat well but I eat above all for pleasure. And because of my work, I also drink for pleasure. I don't drink my morning espresso because it has antioxidants, same thing for my afternoon green tea, I drink it because it's good. This is why in Brûlerie du Quai's sales policy, we will always emphasize taste, aromas, body, acidity rather than medicinal properties. In addition to being simple, this way of working requires us to taste the products and be able to describe them. Personally, I find it more pleasant to do than having to experiment on cod, or mackerel that has been stuffed with poutine and then gorged on espresso to see if they swim better afterwards. Each company has its mission, we, even if we leave the animals alone, I can say that after eating poutine, I breathe better after drinking a cup of green tea. Maybe we should put it on the bags...

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