Get the onion or die trying!

Dany Marquis

(This blog is dedicated to all those who now want to let go of something. This week, on Twitter, I saw a tweet from a farm that let go of a development project. It's been on my mind ever since. If this text reaches them or if you know them, tell them not to give up! Cry, scream, take another route, rest but don't give up!)

I cut some onions. An insignificant fact in itself and very common but which allows me to summarize my state of mind for you. First of all, I will tell you an extraordinary fact, my eyes heat up and water when I cut onions. I swear to you! And my children don't want to cut onions (which they are allowed to write onion now) because it heats their eyes too much.

- My friend, will you help me cut the onions please?

- Oh no! It warms the eyes!

- Come on! It's not that bad and it's good onions in a tagine.

- It doesn't matter to you, you can cut them without any problem!

- It's wrong! It burns as much as you, look at my big nose and my red eyes! But I do it because it's delicious and it's worth the effort because our dinner will be better.

- I thought it didn't matter to you, that you had bionic eyes, okay, I'll cut them out.

And it was at that moment that I understood what had been bothering me for almost 5 years. A vague fog now dissipated (never minimize the creative power of cooking!).

The valorization of renunciation. Letting go. Comfort at all costs. Be happy. I realized that my world was full of people who give up. Who stop themselves from cutting the onions of life because it makes their eyes hot and it makes them cry. And I also realized that it was affecting me insidiously. I started discussing it with those around me without really being able to identify the cause of my discomfort. And after reflection, some reading and my tagine, I realized that at the slightest difficulty encountered (personal, professional, romantic or other) the reflex of the majority is to suggest the famous "letting go", in short, immediate renunciation before the effort. In my paranoia to keep the negative away from me, I also realized that some people were right to give up, while others were not. We make a good move by letting go of a toxic or hopeless project or situation, but this is the case for a small minority. Leaving and giving up can be healthy, you just need to know when it is worth it and when it will deprive us of greater satisfaction. But, letting go for reasons of ease, comfort or other reasons has become the norm, leads us nowhere and brings greater suffering than the one you want to eliminate. Whether it's persevering in a stuck project, quitting smoking, having a balanced life as a couple, cutting onions, keeping a job or a position with responsibility, we all experience difficulties. It's not easy for anyone. And to achieve the much-desired satisfaction, we must cut the onions!

I'm not perfect, far from it, and I don't want to come across as pretentious, but in my little existence, I learned that a tagine without onions was not edible, and that if I wanted to add onions in it, I had to cut them and suffer the inconvenience. Itchy, hot eyes, runny nose. It's unpleasant for everyone but put into the equation of pros and cons, this painful step allows us to enjoy an extraordinary result. However, when making a table of pros and cons, we often forget to put in the cons column, the terrible feeling, hidden, obscure, poison which invades us when in front of our plate, we regret not having made the effort to put onions in it…

Are you cutting the onions of life? Please say it. Those who don't try to convince us that a tagine without onion is good!

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