Summer 2013 finished

Dany Marquis

This morning, or rather this night, I had both eyes wide open at 4am. I went to bed early enough to get 7 hours of sleep. So I got up quietly, dressed warmly, before waking up my half-dog to go stroll on the beach to catch the sun.

- Hey Marquis! What are you doing up? the sun shouted at me as soon as its eyes passed the horizon. You're crazy to get up at this time! I'm so looking forward to sleeping in.

- Well! I couldn't fall asleep anymore and I decided to come and stroll on the beach with my half-dog, I told him, pointing at my chihuahua, who was busy urinating on each twig protruding more than 1 cm from the ground.

- I'm not used to seeing people making fires on the beach at 5 a.m., and I really didn't expect to see you there.

- I know, it's not my habit, but the wind is warm and with all the wood lying around on the beach, it felt like making a fire.

- I don't have much time to chat, said the sun, stretching out its first rays, did you have a good summer? I looked at it with one eye, and I warmed up quite a few people on your terrace.

- Yes, we had a lot of people, and beautiful people at that. I believe that our cabin by the sea is becoming a must-see on the famous Gaspésie tour, and I would even dare say on the Canadian coffee scene. Our online sales are going very well and we have been able to tell visitors about our site. But with each summer that passes, I always have a feeling of mourning, shared in the satisfaction of the work accomplished and by the time that passes at the speed of light.

- How long has it been already, the 8th summer?

- No, the 9th ! This is completely crazy. As I tell you Soleil, it's not that I'm not proud of the work accomplished, it's just that life goes by quickly, and operating a roasting shop in Gaspésie is not easy. I love what I do, I'm proud of the product and everything, but if I weigh all that on one side and on the other, family, friends, I feel like I'm moving on to side of a few things. Have you seen my children?

- It's true that they grew up, I saw them sailing. Don't stress yourself out about it. You know, from up there, I see a lot of people and all the parents are in the same situation. The little ones are not crazy, they learn a lot by observing. Keep persevering, doing what you love, being you. It’s like Gilles Vigneault’s poem:

What will I leave to my children

The love of loving, the taste of doing

An eye turned inward

And my father's word

- I didn't expect the sun to quote Gilles Vigneault to me this morning!

- I could tell you others, I like Gaston Miron too, but I don't have time to chat anymore.

And the sun left the horizon to illuminate our side of the planet. And just before going beyond the clouds, he turned to me and said:

- By the way, your dog has been peeing on everything above the ground for 3 hours. Physically, his bladder must not be big enough, it's not normal. You should consult a veterinarian.

And he jumped into the sky.

So if the sun appeared a little later in your bedroom window this morning, it's kind of my fault. Once he left to do his thing, I continued to fuel my fire until 7am and headed to the café to prepare for the opening and to write this blog.

Summer is over and we are starting to breathe normally again. You will see the publication of our blogs return to its normal frequency. I actually wrote around ten texts during the summer that I didn't have time to correct or rework. The volume of work is partly the cause of my absence from the blog, but the main reason is that I am working on finishing writing a book. I'll keep you up-to-date. Nothing complicated, unpretentious, with the primary objective of entertaining. A little adventure novel which will contain a few jokes, fights, motorbikes, boats, sex, coffee. Of love ?

I do my best to ensure that there are none, but as there are women in

the novel is difficult to avoid. Note that there is love everywhere, but that men manage to hide it in action or silence.

And in the register of love, a big thank you to everyone who came to see us this summer and for all the good words received for the quality of the coffee. We feel loved!


  • Suzanne

    Je ne savais pas que tu avais une si belle plume! Un autre talent caché. J’ai bien hâte de lire ton roman…

    C’est ma première visite sur ton blog, mais certainement pas la dernière!

    Bonne journée!


  • Suzanne

    Je ne savais pas

  • Guy Blondeau

    Touchant, brillant et surtout… inspirant.

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