Carte Blanche: 2020 Edition

Dany Marquis

We're kicking off 2020 with the first visit of the year in a series of events inspired by artist residencies. Once a month, or at another frequency depending on the availability of guests, we will receive in our workshop for a short period a chef, artisan, artist in the culinary arts and food professions with a particular link with chocolate.

The guest will have carte blanche to create confections, pastries and various creations on the theme of chocolate in our laboratory, to deliver their works of art to us like an edible opening.

The only requirement is to work with Chaleur B chocolates.

The products produced will be divided into 2 categories:

- What is sent by post

- What can be tasted on site

Whether you're nearby or on the other side of Canada, you can get some of the creations.

Each event will be preceded by an online pre-sale to reserve as the quantities produced will be very limited.

Reservations will also be made for local sales to be sure to get your hands on the works.

For products sent by post, this will be done in the form of a surprise box with a fixed amount. And we will send you the number of treats according to the manufacturing price of each unit to give you the maximum.

Coffee suggestions will also be offered for unrivaled gourmet pairing sessions.

We therefore begin January 2020 with the visit of a young pastry chef, Frédérique Lévesque.

Frédérique Lévesque Pastry chef Born in La Prairie on the south shore of Montreal, Frédérique has deep Gaspé roots and several members of her family live there. Her frequent visits here have led her to come into contact with our workshop and discover our chocolates. She is studying professional pastry at the ITHQ (Québec Institute of Tourism and Hospitality). Since a very young age, she has worked in the restaurant business with her father (executive chef) and she developed a deep passion for the food industry, more particularly for pastry.

Frédérique Lévesque Pastry chef Currently working at the restaurant Le Chasse-Galerie (@chassegaleriemtl), she seizes every opportunity that presents itself to her to gain as much experience and knowledge as possible in the industry. She is ambitious and inspired and identifies as a hard and rigorous worker. Her career, which is still very young, gives her little perspective to define the role she wants to play in the industry but forces her to project everything towards the future. For now, raising awareness of all the work behind the scene, behind the scenes of catering, and better connecting consumers to the work of artisans is a great source of motivation.

In short, I am very happy that Frédérique is breaking the ice in our 2020 Chaleur B Chocolat and Brûlerie du Quai invitation series.

Here are the creations that will be available from Thursday in stores and shipped the same day.

Delivery by Canada Post (Expresso post)

You can order them

  • Chocolate and buckwheat cake from Gaspésie (portion approximately 70g)
    • Coffee pairing: (Filter) Ruby Gesha
  • Oui-P espresso cookie
    • On a cocoa shortbread base, a homemade espresso marshmallow is placed and the whole thing is coated in chocolate
    • Coffee pairing: (espresso) Kenya AA
Consumable on site:
  • 8oz Mason jars of creamy chocolate, caramel and fleur de sel garnished with a cocoa crumble with Gaspé seaweed

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