Preparation guide: Clever

Jao Joel

Clever Brulerie du Quai Cafe Coffee

In English, the generic name for this filter coffee equipment is Single Cup Immersion Dripper: the French translation would be full immersion infuser .

The Clever is one of the best-selling models. This tool is very easy to use and its price is accessible to individual budgets. It therefore has a very satisfactory quality-price ratio.

Preparation guide: Clever immersion dripper

Everything you need to prepare filter coffee at Clever:

  • Your full immersion dripper infuser
  • Conical paper filters (Size #4 as an indication)
  • 22g coffee , medium-fine ground
  • 400ml of water , which you will heat to 93.5°C/200°F
  • Allow a small additional amount of hot water, which will be used to preheat the filter and dripper
  • Recommended infusion time: 4 minutes

Preparation steps:

  • Gather your barista equipment, which should be clean
  • Place the filter in the slot of the Clever
  • Pour in the water intended for preheating and discard this water when the filter is ready to use
  • Place your ground grain in the filter
  • Set the timer and start pouring 100ml of hot water
  • Leave to infuse for 30 seconds , before adding the remaining 300 ml of water
  • Place a lid on the dripper to optimize infusion
  • Install your full immersion filter type brewer on any cup or container
  • Open the valve to drain
  • Drink your coffee when the bean is fully filtered
  • Throw away or recycle the grounds and filter

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