Preparation guide: Chemex

Jao Joel

Preparation guide: Chemex

Preparation guide: Chemex

Filter coffee preparation with Chemex - Brûlerie du Quai

Let's go with a ratio of 1:16, in 5 minutes, for 2 cups

Because it will always be essential for you to modify your recipe depending on the coffee chosen. And we can point you in the right direction if you're shopping for a new coffee shop. But to get the hang of it, I suggest you go with a fixed recipe using a ratio of 1:16.

First of all, for a basic Chemex preparation of 2 cups, to have 2 x 250 ml of good coffee, you will have to put 750ml of water (1 ml = 1 g) because the filter and the coffee mass will retain , like a sponge, a certain amount of water. A standard coffee filter can hold up to 250g of water.

So for 750 ml, with a ratio of 1:16, we divide the quantity by 16.

750 / 16 = 49g of coffee

  • Have acoffee from our selection
  • Weigh 49 g of coffee
  • Grind the coffee (medium grind for filter)
  • Install and rinse the filter with hot water, which will warm the carafe
  • Put the coffee in the filter
  • Tap the Chemex to have a flat coffee surface
  • Zero the scale
  • Grab the swan-spout kettle
  • Start the timer with the other hand
  • Start pouring the water for the pre-infusion (250g)
  • Mix with a spoon and stir the chemex
  • Wait 45 seconds
  • Add the rest of the water up to 750g in 3 steps, repeating the steps (pour, spoon, rotate the chemex)
  • The whole thing should take you 5 minutes

Miscellaneous notes:

  • When installing the filter, place the 3-ply ply on the spout side. And when you rinse it, make sure it is well stuck to the wall, because if there are air pockets, you risk creating a channel which will give poor extraction.
  • Don't complicate your life by pouring in a circle as you can see in some tutorials. Add the water in 3 or 4 increments, and stir the ground coffee and the water: a step that I consider to be essential for this type of filter preparation. The reason is that this turbulence in the pre-infusion allows all the coffee to come into good contact with the water, removing potential air pockets and creating a nice mass of coffee in which there will be no no channel formed.
  • If the brewing time is more than 5 minutes, your grind is too fine.
  • If the brewing time is below that, the grind is too coarse.

It's still a matter of taste, but by starting with a ratio of 1:16, you can then quickly find the ideal ratio or the perfect grind setting. Also, you can ask us directly for our ratio suggestions for a specific coffee.

    Guide to Making Filter Coffee with a Chemex

      Coffee at Chemex: the necessary equipment

      Do you want to get started? Here's what you need: (click on the links to see recommended products)

      Preparing coffee with a Chemex

      Starter set: V60 plastic + carafe + filters

      The Hario company also makes a kit with a plastic infuser, a filter kit and a carafe (a little less sexy but which does the job), at a really attractive price. The method is essentially the same as with a Chemex.

      You will still need the other accessories. Perhaps you already have several.

      And write to me if you have any questions.



      • Charlotte

        Si je prend la bouilloire de façon douce et féminine, est-ce que mon Chemex sera quand même réussi?

      • François


        Est-ce que le temps d’infusion reste le même peu importe La quantité de café prévu? Si tel est le cas, je devrai donc ajuster ma mouture en fonction de la quantité? 2 tasses = mouture plus fine, 8 tasses = mouture plus grosse, ajusté pour avoir une infusion d’environ 5 min.

      • François

        J’ai acheté un Chemex 8 tasses avec une bouilloire 1.2 l. Tant que je prépare 4 tasses pas de problème. Par contre si je veux infuser 8 tasses avec ma bouilloire qui n’en contient que 4 quel est la meilleur méthode? Changer mon filtre et refaire un nouveau cycle d’infusion? Devrais-je changer ma bouilloire pour une 2 litres? Avez vous une bouilloire 2l a proposer?

      • Dany

        Bonjour Philippe,

        l’important c’est de respecter le ratio eau/café. Tu peux adapter la quantité de café préparé en calculant correctement ton ratio. :-)

      • Philippe
        Concernant l’infuseur filtre Chemex =

        J’ai acheté un modèle « six tasses » (cups)
        Est-ce qu’il convient de faire le même volume de café avec les mêmes poids et les mêmes volume d’eau?

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