One passion!

Our expertise is exercised on the edge of the Chaleur Bay in the Gaspé Peninsula, Québec. Since 2005, every summer, thousands of people pass through our roasting workshop and remain committed to our method of roasting and our coffee selections, the mountains, the surrounding sea. Our online store is a virtual extension without boundary, which allows us to continue to share our passion and stay in touch with our customers. Our mission: to offer the best coffees and create a product to connect with people. Want to take a coffee together?

  • Our coffees are roasted just in time, as orders arrive, to be shipped as close as possible to the roasting;
  • The roasting date is print on each bag to show our commitment to freshness;
  • We use three-layer laminated bags, heat sealed, equipped with a one-way valve;
  • Our blends are made "post-roasting" in order to have more precise control over the components of the blend. This method gives consistency and accuracy for obtaining a specific flavor profile;
  • Each coffee is selected and tasted to get the optimal roasting level, expressing the terroir. We therefore prefer fairly light roasts;
Free shipping from 25$ order or more ! (May vary by province or country)