Cocoa nibs
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Cocoa nibs

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Cocoa nibs are what you get after roasting, crushing and winnowing the cocoa bean. It is therefore cocoa in its pure, raw and unrefined state.

Many eat it as is as a snack, because it's super nutritious (30% fiber and 22% protein per 100g serving), low in carbohydrates and the crunchy texture reminiscent of nuts. For chocolatiers and pastry chefs, it is a perfect ingredient to add a little crunch to their creations (nougatine, tuile, ice cream, etc.).
Our nibs are lightly roasted from our batches of cocoa beans. Our batches of beans are of high quality so you won't find the bitter taste of industrial manufacturers, but rather the fruity side of the bean.
An ideal food to add a little chocolate crunch to your desserts or your breakfasts!