The Physics of Filter Coffee

The Physics of Filter Coffee



The Physics of Filter Coffee* by Quebec astrophysicist Jonathan Gagné is perhaps the most important book ever written on the science of coffee.

In this book, Jonathan discusses the physics of percolation, extraction and grinding, as well as the chemistry of water. He takes the reader down such paths as kettle design, optimizing turbulence during flow, the impact of fines on percolation, the physics of paper filters, and the geometry of different coffee machines. He also presents original ideas on coffee brewing and demonstrates it all with tons of facts and hard data.

The most wonderful thing about The Physics of Filter Coffee is not the impressive depth of science behind it, but the practical lessons Jonathan draws from these experiences. The Physics of Filter Coffee offers an abundance of practical recommendations derived from the science. Any barista who reads this book will immediately have new tools for making the best filter coffee ever conceived on this earth.

*We only have the original English version for now.