“We all have a tractor to run”

Dany Marquis

Tractor Keeping a blog about coffee and the Brûlerie du Quai adventure is an extraordinary challenge that I give myself and which puts me in contact with my passion for writing and that of coffee. Passion intrinsically linked, because if I consider the few writers I know, they are confirmed consumers. I occasionally allow myself, through this blog, to let my vision of business, the world, and love shine through, and always without pretension. Currently, Brûlerie du Quai is in a waiting period where the majority of our limited batches are now sold out and we are impatiently awaiting the next arrivals. I will have the opportunity to present our acquisitions to you in the coming weeks and to discuss coffee. Until then, I would like to suggest that you read a short text that charmed me. As a rural roaster we are connected to nature, and also to agriculture. It's part of the landscape. In addition, I have always had an agricultural concept of business. A business is like a farm, like a big garden. You have to do what needs to be done to get things done, 24 a day, 7 a week. We are far from 9 to 4. I can understand that business is not for everyone, it is about even for agriculture. When we choose this path, and if we did not grow up in this kind of universe, there necessarily follows a period of adaptation where the notion of work ends up melting into time and becoming an occupation of every moment. . We then learn to be zen, concentrated, and to feel happiness in action, despite stress and worries. And I can only consider happiness in this aspect. I invite you to like the Agriculture Québec page on which this text was published. The author asked to remain anonymous and I thank her for this beautiful pearl of life, in which I recognized myself and which made me smile, because indeed “We all have a tractor to run!” ".

Thoughts on my tractor…

Today we worked again on making our first cut of hay. On my tractor, when I had exhausted my repertoire of corny French music to hum, I began to think how beautiful the landscape was. How nice it was to be there, in the middle of the wind carrying a thousand dust... We did have a machinery breakdown this morning, we have the rain behind us, but all the same, we have experienced worse... This good weather , spent working in the fields, alleviates the stress a little and makes us forget, for a while, this heifer that is not running, this calf that died a few weeks ago, the seed bills to pay, this roof that is still leaking, this dishes on the counter, this equipment not repaired or this vacation that we will not have again this year (I'm talking about more than 21/2 days...). Yes, this afternoon on Rang Ste-Marguerite, everything is blue and green, and in a hundred ways. There is always this buzzard flying here and there, looking for its meal. This year, I haven't seen the skinny little red fox... maybe he died this winter? In the distance, I see the Church bell tower, with its orange roof. The sky is crossed by such light clouds... And this smell of dried hay: it's definitely that of the beginning of summer! Some people think that I practice the most beautiful job in the world... others, on the contrary, find it distressing... I'll give it to you in a thousand words: neither of them is there! It's a job like any other, but it's one that I know how to do. It is perhaps for these moments of happiness, joy and beauty that we all work hard: for some, it is perhaps for this child who succeeded, this sick person who is cured, this house built, this concept that works, this file settled... Perhaps we just need to take the time to savor it all, to continue. It's 10:40 p.m., my man hasn't come home yet. It's only the beginning of summer... And tomorrow, the cows will have hay and the city dwellers will have milk in their coffee! Everyone in their own way, we all have a tractor to “runner”!!!

The author of this text wanted to remain anonymous, the text was published on the Facebook page of Agriculture du Québec on June 11 at 8:48 a.m.

Danny Marquis
Danny Marquis
Tribe leader, entrepreneur, 418 far-east, coffee, motorcycles, martial arts, part-time zen and father of 4 champions.

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