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Dany Marquis

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it's a great pleasure for me to announce that our website is now available in english by a simple click on the home page.  A lot of you were still ordering by using the old version created by google translator, or by practicing their french knowledge learned at the elementary school or in Louis de Funès's movie. We started to seriously sell coffee in all Canadian province since about a year and it's increasing, then it as now become a necessity to have all the platform in english.  We have also a lot of people that came from US to visit the area or to fish for salmon and passed to our workshop to become very loyal on-line customer.

As our english customer base grow, it was a good opportunity to offer the service to our direct neighbour.  There is lot of english speaking community in the Gaspé Peninsula with whom we communicate in english since many year, there is also our very loyal customer from the Gesgapegiag and Listiguj Mi’gmaw community and many people in New Brunswick.

The blogpost are still in french but we will translate them one at a time, some of them are very technical and long to translate.  We will publish each blog when they will be finished.  Around 100 texts to translate about coffee, wrote in the past year.  

Also, even if we did our best with the translation, it's not an automated version, and there is possibly some mistake here and there, let me know if you found something that need a correction.  I learned the big part of my english knowledge by listening to The fresh prince of Belair, The Simpson and by trying to learn the best of the Sugar Hill Gang's song...  You get the point.

Likewise we will start to interact and publish simultaneously all our content in french and english on social media.  By doing so, I wish many new customer will be tempted to try our coffee, and by increasing our customer base, we will be able to grow our offer and be able to buy more high quality micro-lot.

We are proud of our french identity and this is a part of who we are, an heritage from our french descendant where the art of eating well and drinking well is part of "l'art de vivre".  It's in our Latin blood.  We are very demanding about coffee, and our clients are the same.

Feel free to communicate with us on social media, on the chat with the website's lower-right windows, on email, or with any medium you will choose.  All our crew is ready to help you and work hard to offer you customer service in english.


Dany Marquis
Dany Marquis
Brûlerie du Quai Chieftain, entrepreneur, 418 far-east , coffee, motorcycle, martial arts, part-time zen, and father of 4 champion.



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  • Allan

    Keep up the good work. I love your coffee, my opinion it’s the best coffee I ever had and the only one I’ll ever keep. Merci beaucoup pour le meilleur café en monde.

    Allan Martin
    Gesgapegiag, QC.

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