5 suggestions for scoring on Valentine’s Day

Dany Marquis

Because I am a pragmatic romantic, I offer you 5 suggestions for scoring on Valentine's Day. Or during a completely other meeting with the objective of intimate rapprochement or other.


Making coffee for someone is universally considered a sign of affection. So, pull out your knowledge or consult your favorite barista to make coffee worthy of your feelings. Just get your hands on some good coffee, fine-tune your recipe and technique and when the time comes, get started with your preparation. The more skillful and complicated it is, the stronger the message will be. So take out your manual preparation, your hardware and put a little theater, some panache in this cup! (And for those who use capsule or canned coffee, know that serving this type of coffee is the equivalent of a meal based on a TV dinner box...) Don't know what coffee to serve? Our top gun, Costa Rica La Mandarina in filter, ratio of 1:12. And if your love isn't coffee, try it with a divine hot chocolate.


The power of the brownie. How many times have I used this power to soften my significant other? I can't say but I used it so much that I came to feel guilty when I served it, still hot, with its little soft and slightly runny center. Eat while seated so that your legs don't get shaky after the first bite. Each piece of brownie that crosses your target's mouth will give him the taste of voluptuousness and will make his lips await a kiss that we hope will be tender, warm and slightly wet like the heart of a brownie. I highly recommend making your own brownie, following our famous brownie recipe. And especially with Chaleur B chocolates. But don't overcook them, because you'll end up getting dry little bites with a tight mouth. You should never overcook a brownie. It's a double-edged sword.


Whiskey and chocolate. An aphrodisiac bomb, handle with care. It's simple, you go to an SAQ and get your hands on a good whiskey. No need to buy a bottle that will ruin your monthly budget. Around $50-60, there are good bottles, above that, it depends on your wallet and your knowledge. For chocolate, I suggest our tasting bars. A bit like coffee, get your hands on chocolate made by an artisan. There are plenty of chocolate makers who use chocolate as a real edible artistic medium. Chocolate is wonderful. And if they work with artisanal chocolate like that of Chaleur B, it's jack pot.


To write. Go buy a quill, a nice pen, some paper and write. Make a draft, and try to transcribe it with your best writing hand. If you are like me, it will be all crooked, with ''a few'' spelling mistakes and bits of ink will stretch and dirty the sheet because of the palm resting on the still wet ink. You are perhaps also an ambiguous writer, half cursive, half detached, I am bi of pencil. It's hard but you see, it's my writing. It's sincere, and I find that sorely lacking in today's world. So allow me to promote a certain form of romanticism, through the art of words and through writing. You don't dare to write because you write badly? Allow yourself to do this. How we allow ourselves to smile even if we don't have the last teeth sold on the poster that covers the wall at the dentist. Smile. Write. Yes, but Dany, what do I write? It's simple, write what you feel. Are you looking forward to spending an intimate moment with your chosen person? Say it. Keep it simple, talk about the weather, what you like about each other, what you'd like to do next week together, etc. There are no wrong answers. Whether it's crooked, whether it's poorly written, whether the paper is dirty, whether it's true. Write.


Listening. Listening is probably the strongest aphrodisiac, second only to the effective brownie. It's probably the best gift you can give. To feel listened to is to feel loved. I'm not just talking about listening with your ears but going a step further. Forget yourself a little and focus on the person in front of you. Let your face, your body speak for you: you are interesting, important to me, I am happy to be with you. Let listening to others not be an opportunity to talk about yourself. We're kicking our butts to prevent the monologue. We remain open to each other's ideas, their opinions, their tastes, even if sometimes it is difficult. (Don't you like coriander?) We leave space, we let the other express themselves. We give time, attention. And if the person with you does the same thing, then you will experience the feeling of being in harmony with another human being, in a complex and delicious dance. Eye to eye, sharing and listening to each other.

With these five suggestions, you have in hand effective weapons for scoring on Valentine's Day. I wish you a good evening and as Agrafena Alexandrovna Svietlova would say in the novel The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoyevsky:


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