Coffee, a social medium

Dany Marquis

The rage for canned coffee (Nespresso, K-cup, Tassimo, etc.) continues and will probably continue to invade kitchens more and more. I even receive several requests to purchase espresso makers that use canned coffee, without much concern that my primary job is to roast the coffee. I am a Zen warrior. And do you know why? Because no matter the concept of machine, coffee, brand, nothing will ever replace the atmosphere of a coffee lounge. I invite you to read this article:

For those who don't want to read it ;-) here's a quick summary:

Results of a Starbucks/StrategyOne study on espresso consumption. The French are great fans and continue to consume it outside of their homes.

[…] Three quarters of French people say they are ready to make sacrifices to continue to consume coffee outside of their home […]

[…] If, for almost a quarter of French people (23%), coffee consumption is part of the routine, it is the social dimension that stands out the most. 27% of French people consider themselves primarily “social” coffee consumers. Drinking coffee is an opportunity for them to relax, meet up and chat with friends. Moreover, when asked about the places in which they usually consume, the coffee shop is their favorite place (61%), at the same level as the home (60%) and far ahead of the workplace. (28%). […]

And that's why I'm zen with the invasion of canned coffee. I don't believe that the French are the only ones to behave in this way, I believe that we are dealing with very human behavior. We are social beings who need to touch each other, to discuss, to feel part of a group. It is a primary, primitive need, essential to life, to mental and even physical balance, we need social contacts!

So I invite the ayatollahs of canned coffee to go out and visit the nearest coffee parlor, sit down and smell it, you will see that there is something that you are not getting in your kitchen. Investing $2.50 to meet a basic need, receiving a well-made espresso, a smile from the barista, knowing the village or neighborhood gossip, chatting about politics, sports, whatever, it doesn't pay much to improve your daily life.

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