10 ways to get rid of fruit flies

Dany Marquis

This morning I woke up in an excellent mood, light-hearted with the urge to drink a

coffee from Ethiopia, from the region of Sidamo we roasted last Thursday.  The souvenir of the aromas of blueberry and chocolate got me out of bed. So here I am in my way to the kitchen, whistling my best Liebestraum by Franz Liszt.

It is by putting my hand on the kettle, sitting near a pile of dirty dishes, that the horde awoke.  Fruit flies
This swarm of miserable little creatures, about the size of a needle head, which had probably spent the night fornicate, has increased to the point that I took a step backwards, lest being lifted from earth. I attended almost 8 wound egypt live my kitchen!
Trembling, I managed somehow to get to the stove and remove the kettle on the fire, to grind me and weigh 28g of coffee, to rinse my filter, insert it into my Clever and wait until water boils. And it was during the preparation of my coffee I've had time to think about the best way to get rid of these vile insects that prevented me devote myself to my morning ritual.
Method #1
• Put a banana in the oven.
• Leave the door open.
• When there is a lot of flies around the banana, close the oven’s door.
• Set oven to Broil.
• Make a diabolical laugh ruffling your hair.
Method #2
• Connect a hair dryer.
• Connect an extension cord to give you the distance.
• Move the rear of the dryer of a fly, it will be sucked into the dryer, to be burned by the
heater and its body will be blown to the other side.
• Dancing alternating one leg after the other growling.
Method #3
• Take a bottle of spray-net or WD-40.
• Turn a lighter.
• Spray the product on the flame to create a flamethrower.
• Burn flies.
• Frowning and grunting.
• NB: Pay attention to the curtains, children, and chihuahuas.
Method #4
• In a baking sheet, pour some alcohol.
• Put a few pieces of overripe peaches in the plate.
• When you consider that there are enough flies, fire the alcohol.
• Back up a bit.
• Watch the sparks that produce flies's small delicate wings when they burn.
• Banging your buttocks with your hands alternately running around the fire.
Method #5
• Connect the hose from the central vacuum, or if you have a shop-vac, connect the
power supply.
• Activate it.
• Vacuum the bugs as if you were in Ghostbuster.
• Clint Eastwood Quote: "In life, there are those who hold the vacuum and those who
dig. You dig, but not for long ".
Method #6
• Place a few apple slices in a zip-lock bag.
• Leave a small opening to allow pests to enter.
• When the population is sufficient, fully close the zip-lock.
• Overwrite every creature by pinching your fingers through the zip-lock.
• Approximately 20-30 seconds brought each fly to take advantage of the deterrent effect
on people outside of the bag.
Method #7
• Take a cup or a glass container with the narrow end.
• Pour 1oz of rum in the glass.
• Pour 1oz of dish soap in the glass.
• Put a piece of overripe bananas in the liquid.
• You can also make a paper cone by placing the narrow end at the bottom of the glass
and setting the cone with tape which will prevent flies to come out easily. The IQ of a fly
is lower than yours.
• Watch the flies get drunk and become mired in the soap dish.
• You can drink rum, not the one with the flies in, but the rum that left in the bottle and celebrate
your diabolical ingenuity.
Method #8
• Put ripe banana, cut in half, in the dishwasher.
• Leave the door open.
• When there is a lot of flies around the banana, close the door.
• Start the cycle "big dirty pot" of your dishwasher.
• Approach your ear to the door. You will hear little squeaks that will delight you.
Method #9
• Put several old grapes in the bottom of a Tupperware dish style.
• Wait until the fruit flies invade.
• Put the lid on the dish quickly.
• Put the dish in the freezer for 30 minutes.
• Thereafter, remove the flat, empty refrigerated corpses and repeat.
• Put the dead, if desired, in a metal container and happily sacrifice on your balcony.
Method #10
• Wash your dishes.
• Empty the trash.
• Clean and sanitize with a mixture of water and bleach as did our ancestors at the time
of the plague.
• Scolding one who drags food everywhere.
• Repeat daily.
Now you're better equipped to counter the barbarian invasion. You can choose the
method that best suits your personality, but never let these terrible insects ruin your
caffeinated morning!
PS: Our tips have been helpful? Know that we are superior in making coffee than
hunting flies. So order your coffee now!


  • André

    Elles sont très envahissantes. J’ai mis des trappes mélanges de tous les trucs qu’elles semblent aimer, vont s’y noyer… puis soudain ça ne fonctionne plus comme si elles avaient compris le truc. Alors il faut se rabattre sur d’autres procédés, comme la banane trop mur sur le comptoir et les asperger de liquide savon. Mais encore là, elles trouveront une autre façon. Elles se reproduisent aux deux jours quoi! Et personnellement je crois qu’elles sont d’une intelligence terrible. Elles seront encore là quand l’humanité sera disparue.

  • Rébé

    Merci !!

  • Sean

    Waw merci! Je pense que je vais choisir la méthode #3

  • Sophie Caron

    Je reviens de ma nuit de travail et qui m’a acceuillie si chaleureusement ? Ces sacrées de petites mouches , disons que je n’ai pas d’énergie pour un champs de bataille. Mais en lisant vos stratégies de guerre ça m’a fais rire aux éclats et redonné de la force. Je pars à la reconquête de ma maison et je vainquerai contre ces moucherons envahissants !!! Merci pour vos conseils et surtout pour votre touche d’humour 😂 Sophie

  • Lise Gagné

    Vos trucs ne fonctionnent toujours pas 😡

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