For softened coffee

Dany Marquis

I have a lot of pleasure in enjoy a cup of coffee, well prepared, aromatic and complex. The feelings I have regarding this beverage comes as much from the pleasures linked to consumption as from the awareness of the work carried out, from agriculture to the cup, and I remain overwhelmed with respect. And it is with humility that I consider my work at the end of the chain, work consisting of express the terroir of each coffee as best I can, through the process of roasting. And we work hard to do it because I know that coffee production is arduous and thankless, as can being agriculture. And it is because of this state of mind that I remain speechless in the face of the growing fashion of degradation of coffee, before roasting, supposedly to improve it.

Maybe I'm already stuck on my time, and condemned to say to my grandchildren: “In my time, we had real coffee, not coffee that went through a woman's anus exotic creature! " It is said! I feel like every country around the Equator looking for a creature that eats coffee, even if it means finding one and encouraging it strongly to ingest the fruits of the coffee tree.

Some people, being greedy, have since it was possible to pick up the shit from an Indonesian civet , wash the coffee beans and sell them at crazy prices.

And the ball continues with the elephants ...

When will seed oil grapes from the excrement of badgers which live freely in the vineyards and who eats the grapes?

But what can we do? find who eats something and who can sell it for 100 times the price? After the start-up phenomenon, here's how to become rich in a short time...

What if I just give maple sap to a goat for 6 month, what does that mean? I have an idea, we Go feed the chickens some flaxseed! Ah! We tells me it already exists...

I am uncomfortable with this form of innovation and register in the tradition of roasting coffees that have not passed through the anus of a critter. Yes, and we don't even try not finding ways to fiddle with the coffee to allow us to you tell a story and sell it to you for more.

We could say :

Before putting it in the roaster, a member of the team takes the 60kg bag of green coffee and takes it for a beer at the brewery delivered in our luxurious delivery truck. We talk to him a little and tell him anecdotes and jokes salacious. During our monologue, the grain, very slowly, softens, frees and happy. During this time, we, in the workshop, heat the tank of the roaster. And when the coffee “softens” returns to its initial destination, we take it from the top, we split its on top, we separate it into thirds and we roast it in the roaster at 375°F. This is what we call “tenderizing” coffee ". We are the only ones Quebec, and perhaps the world to use this method of tenderizing coffee. This process typical of Gaspésie helps reduce the bitterness of the coffee and helps reduce the cruelty that we reserve usually at the cafe. Similar to last wishes of the condemned to death, his last meal, his cigarette, we let's allow the grains to flourish despite the sad fate that awaits them. At the Brûlerie du Quai, we are projecting our humanity in our roasting through our unique tenderizing process of the bean.

There is premium roast coffee.

Now there is the softened coffee.

Danny Marquis

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  • Deny Bisson

    Hé bien pourquoi pas acheter Canadien tant qu’à y être!

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