Do you prefer washed or natural coffees?

Dany Marquis

We currently have several coffees in the Prestige collection which are very good coffees, and which allow us to help you discover the difference between washed and natural type coffees.

Coffee cherry So, when we talk about washed or natural coffee, we are mainly talking about the two main families of methods of pulping the coffee bean. Because coffee is a fruit, and the coffee bean is one of the two kernels of the fruit, producers, after harvest, must remove the pulp from the fruit to extract the kernels and complete the process with fermentation. The method used to remove the pits will greatly influence the taste of the coffee. This is therefore important information to know when selecting a coffee shop.

In summary, very summarized:

Washed Coffee Washed: The coffee cherries are cleaned with water and bathed in basins of water, before being pulped mechanically. Depending on the technique used by the producer, the kernels will be fermented, dried and classified. Washed coffees generally produce very aromatic, fruity, tangy coffees with less body.

natural coffee Natural: The coffee cherries are spread outside on the concrete floor or on wire mesh (African beds). They will be turned regularly so that drying takes place correctly. Once the cherries are dried, they will be crushed to extract the stones. Natural coffees are sweeter, have more body and texture and generally have a rougher, less subtle flavor profile than washed coffees.

There are several subcategories of processing such as honey process, pulped natural, which are variations on the same themes, but we can say that pulping the cherries has a major impact on the taste of the coffee.

This is why it is important to know your preferences.

Do you prefer washed or natural coffees?

I often draw a parallel with wine. If you prefer full-bodied, woody reds, like Grenache Noir from the Côte du Rhône, you will love natural coffees.

If you are more of a white type, like fruity, fresh, slightly dry Chardonnays, you will prefer washed coffees.

I'm exaggerating a bit, but you can really see the difference and in the same process as you shop for wine, you can and should shop for your coffee.

So, I invite you to taste these coffees influenced by these two types of process. And contact me if you want a hand in preparing your coffee properly.

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  • André

    Aux Îles-de-la-Madeleine ils en sont rendus aujourd’hui à laver le café à l’eau de mer " salée " avant de le laisser sécher au soleil, ce qui le rendrait, dit-on, moins acide … ils appellent ce procédé qui remonterait au XVIIè siècle le " moussonnage " !.. Bons cafés !

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