Pantsdrunk coffee version, instead of instagramable Hygge

Jao Joel


Denmark taught us the pleasures of HYGGE in 2016, the Swedes introduced us to the concept of LAGOM the following year. This year's trend comes from Finland and it's called PANTSDRUNK .

Fans of cocooning and well-being treatments will have understood: we are talking about lifestyle here.

The equivalent of Pantsdrunk, but with exceptional coffee origin

What exactly is Pantsdrunk?

Literally, the Finnish word translates to “ getting drunk, alone, in your underwear, at home .”

The term Pantsdrunk is a simplistic and literal English translation of the Finnish word "kalsarikänni" : the word is composed of kalsarit ("underwear") and känni ("intoxication"). It would therefore be a way of living that greatly values ​​this little solitary moment that we all dedicate to ourselves from time to time (or rather that we grant ourselves as a reward or a cure after a busy week emotions and social pressures): wallowing in your underwear in your living room, with a bottle of wine and the firm intention of finishing it alone.

While you don't necessarily have to be a creative genius to manage to concoct an afternoon of "brushing in short pants", it is a feat for the Finns to have found a word to designate this very specific activity like this. that the positive feeling it provides and having established it as a standard of well-being and comfort.

The Pantsdrunk constitutes an invitation to a well-deserved let-go, which will fill the equally vital need to be content with one's own company, to think a little about the personalized comfort of the individual that one is, to not have to harmonize your moods with those of people, ... Pantsdrunk teaches you again to love your own company, to realize the value of this level of comfort that you can only achieve alone in the privacy of your emotional refuge favorite and with a case of beers and junk food.

Pantsdrunk can mean an evening of movies on Netflix with a few beers, chips, ice cream and pizza, alone and in the most casual outfit in your wardrobe.

There's something there.

I also appreciate the idea of ​​Hygge but the whole concept of Instagram decorations attacks me, the image being far too present. And the idea of ​​living in an Ikea catalog doesn't really interest me.

In Pantsdrunk, there is a feeling of letting go, of I-don't-care that comes to me. But when it comes to drinking a bottle of wine, alone, in your underwear, at home, there's something pathetic that doesn't resonate with me at all.

I will then transform the trend to apply it to my love of coffee. And it will be this weekend, in my boots, on the sofa that I will enjoy my coffee, thinking about the week that has just passed, about my place in the universe. I won't take a photo for social media, my living room will be a complete mess, I won't have had a shower, and my whole world will be a chaotic mess. Sitting at the center of my life, I will let the elements over which I have no control slide. I will be fine, without social pressure to be beautiful, to be a model of success, to be a good parent, a good husband.

Pantsdrunk with coffee

In bobettes. And the coffee will be good.

And this photo is only there to look pretty, it has nothing to do with the look I have when I'm in bobettes.

See you next time.

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