Coffee grounds: recycle them!

Jao Joel

If you've always thrown away coffee grounds, you'll regret it... when you learn that they can be reused in multiple ways.

Many people reuse (or recycle) coffee grounds, especially for gardening and making homemade cosmetic products.

Did you know that people use coffee grounds to read the future:
this “divinatory art” is called “cafedomancy”.

The term "grounds" refers to the residue of coffee powder , which we obtain once the infusion is finished. For users of espresso machines, the grounds are the contents of the tamper, once the coffee is ready. For V60 fans, grounds are simply the ground coffee that remains in the filter after brewing.

Homemade cosmetics and exfoliants, made from coffee grounds

Coffee is appreciated by fans of “natural” facial and skin care: the reason lies in its exfoliating and antioxidant properties . To have softer skin and a more radiant complexion, simply recycle your ground coffee.

Coffee grounds can easily be used for a scrub... of the face , hands and even the scalp. To gently and effectively get rid of dead cells, nothing could be simpler than an exfoliating mask made from pomace and water. Add a little vegetable oil of your choice and honey to moisturize delicate skin or areas of the body.

In addition to cleansing, toning and exfoliating the skin , marc could also help... lose weight. Do you know the “palpate-roll” method to eliminate cellulite? Well, imagine that if we use coffee grounds, the anti-cellulite scrub would be even more effective. To try, but I'm a little skeptical :)

Another genius tip is to use coffee grounds when your fingers – or other parts of your body – stink. Yes, coffee is effective in eliminating stubborn body odor . So, to get rid of the smell of onions lingering on your fingers, rub your hands with lightly soaked coffee grounds.

The list is long: coffee grounds (and coffee in general) are widely used in homemade cosmetic recipes. Some people make natural conditioners, soaps and dyes using coffee grounds. It's up to you to experiment.

Gardening or DIYing with coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are recognized as a powerful repellent, effective in keeping away ants, flies and other insects harmful to the vegetable garden. Many also recycle their coffee grounds to produce organic fertilizer or vermicompost : this coffee residue is rich in nutrients for potting soil.

Did you know that some people clean their pipes and plumbing with coffee grounds, instead of using chemicals? Because coffee is not aggressive on the walls of the plumbing, but is just as cleansing as chemicals.

Let's go further: coffee grounds can be recycled into heating sticks. To make organic fuel, mix coffee grounds and sawdust.

Why not create a biofuel made from coffee grounds?

Finally, someone has heard of "cafedomancy". I'm going to retrain in that very soon.

In short, recycle or your coffee grounds!

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