Cold brew: cold brew of coffee - full immersion

Jao Joel

Cold Brew - Cold infusino

Many subscribers to our newsletter have given us feedback on our blog which praises Japanese Cold Brew : Many have asked us to give the more conventional brewing method a chance. Well, so be it .

Although it is not our favorite, because it does not allow a real "origin coffee" experience, cold brew or full immersion cold brew coffee is still a choice of drink that we recommend for the summer season. To quench your thirst, while getting into the "Arabica fiesta atmosphere"!

Kezaco? Quesaco? What is full immersion cold brew coffee, what?

This is a method of preparing iced coffee which has all the merit of being simple , but which still requires a certain amount of water/coffee contact time, between 12h to 16h of time :-) Well, don't Let's not tease yet.

The principle is... simple : soak ground coffee in cold water for a predetermined time and then filter it.

The resulting drink can be stored in the fridge and must be diluted with another (of your choice) or ice cubes when serving.

The Cold Brew technique is therefore... simple , although caffeine lovers can indulge in whatever they want to personalize their iced coffee recipes. So, some use very iced water to reduce preparation time. Others dilute with fruit liqueurs.

Here is an easy recipe to try your hand at iced coffee:

Iced Coffee or Cold Brew

  • Choose your coffee wisely

  • Just grind a little before making iced coffee, it's always better

  • Opt for a coarse grind, it is better if the grain will be in contact with water for a long time

  • For one serving of roast and ground coffee, use 8 servings of cold water

  • You need a large container (depending on your forecasts and your thirst)

  • Place the ground coffee at the bottom of the container and pour in the water

  • When the grain is on the surface of the water, stir: everything should be well diluted

  • Close your container and let it rest at room temperature, for...nearly 16 hours

  • Filter the mixture and ideally, recycle the grounds

  • Serve diluted with the drink of your choice: ice cubes, milk, water and juice are the most common choices

  • or store in the fridge

Useful Information to Remember About Cold Brew Coffee

Cold infusion does not allow optimal extraction of the subtle aromas characteristic of exceptional terroirs . This method therefore produces a coffee less rich in fruity notes, acidity and bitterness (to the delight of those who are not looking for that at all in a coffee, of course).

You understand at this point that there is little point in using a light roast coffee to bring out the tangy notes, because cold water will not enhance them. You can also use a coffee from our classic range and reserve the great vintages for other preparations which will highlight them more. Full-immersion cold brew coffee can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

Did you read this article to the very end? So you have an interest in this type of preparation or do you prefer Japanese Cold Brew ? In any case, Inspiri Bio and Bad Boy Espresso are the ground coffees that we recommend for making iced coffee.

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  • Louise

    Merci pour cet article et vos conseils.
    Je vais essayer ça. Mais pas avec votre excellent café.

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