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Dany Marquis

Guji Brulerie du quai

Recently, we launched our new coffee packaging. We were very proud of our concept which now represents the quality of the content well. As we aim to offer the highest level of quality to our customers, the best possible value for money and as our coffees are found across the country and internationally, we had to work on our packaging. We took inspiration in our approach from spirits bottles and their packaging. An exceptional product in a noble coating. We have therefore moved away from classic coffee packaging which treats coffee as a convenience product.

We received a flood of positive comments and it was really motivating!

Burning banner of the quay At the same time as raising the level of packaging in terms of content, we weighed the ecological aspect and sought the best compromise for the environment and for the preservation of quality. So for the practical side, the current packaging is more eco-friendly than our old bags. These contained several elements which prevented recycling. A tin-tie, a valve, 3 self-adhesive laminated labels. So impossible to recycle as a whole.
Currently, with our new bags, you can recycle the cardboard strip. The metal rod is a reusable Parisian staple. It's like a paper clip. It can be used for attaching leaves, scrapbooking, etc.

The rest of the bag can be recycled. And if you want to take some work out of the recycling center, you can cut the bag just below the valve because the top section including the ziplock and valve is not recyclable.

Since the bag is separated, it will go into recycling.

We are currently working with Terracycle to set up a bag recycling formula from our workshop. We'll get back to you on that.

We also closely follow the evolution of packaging technologies, because for the moment, there is no real 100% recyclable coffee bag that allows conservation worthy of the name. And as this remains a motivation for us and for many of you, we want to offer you an alternative.

We have just added to the website, for coffees from the Classic and Prestige collections, an option for minimalist packaging. You will then just have to select this option so that the coffee will be packaged in a less sexy bag, made of kraft paper like the ones we use in grocery stores for bulk but without the plastic interior lamination and without tin-tie.

The option appears on the product page, just above the quantity selection.

It will be a very minimalist bag and will not be hermetically sealed. It is certain that for freshness, it is not ideal but given that we roast at least 3 times a week, the coffee received will have been roasted very recently. So as soon as you receive your coffees in this packaging by mail or mail, you will need to put it in an airtight container.
We'll try that and keep in touch to see if it works well.

Brûlerie du Quai in your kitchen in its gala clothes or in soft clothes ;-)

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  • Frédéric

    Ou vous gardez un des nouveaux sacs hermétiques et vous rangez votre café dedans! J’en ai gardé quelques uns dans lesquels je met le café acheté en format 1-2 kg. Bonne idée pour les nouveaux sacs minimalistes.

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