Suggested espresso equipment: Top 3 essential kits

Dany Marquis

I present to you my selection of espresso coffee makers for individuals. It's a fairly limited selection but these are machines that I'm very comfortable partnering with.

The market for espresso equipment for the home is a real shambles and I decided to remove the entire equipment section on our website to concentrate on our offer of manual coffee makers.

But as many of you write to me for advice, and these are the machines that I recommend most of the time, I therefore offer them to you and we have made them available for purchase online.

Set #1: Initiation, intended for espresso novices

Saeco Poemia This first set is, in my opinion, the most accessible basic kit: it offers excellent value for money. I'm starting with the principle that on the majority of espresso coffee makers, the manufacturers use the same basic technology on their equipment for extraction. And that for a given manufacturer, the different models are often quite similar, and that the options offered on more expensive models often have little impact on the final result in the cup.

In the case of an initiation set, I immediately suggest the Saeco Poemia . The price is really affordable and this machine will give you an espresso similar to the top model. So in the cup, an espresso made with the Poemia will be as satisfying as an espresso made with a $1000 model from the same brand.

Note that the Poemia is a manual model, with a filter holder. It's simple, effective and easy to repair in the event of a problem. So I suggest entering this world with this machine, getting your hands on it, and saving up to upgrade to a semi-pro machine later.

The Poemia has a snap handle. This feature makes espresso preparation very easy and will forgive a less precise grind. However, you will not be able to successfully use light roasted, more acidic coffees with this type of machine. To have a satisfactory result, you will have to use coffees that have strength, body, texture because this extraction system has its limits, but by being aware of it you will not give yourself false hopes.

For milk frothing, the majority of residential machines spit out more water than steam. La Poemia is part of the lot. You can of course froth milk with some success, but it's when the time comes to make more than 2-3 drinks that things get tricky. This is why I recommend using a separate frother with this type of machine. In my case, what I call a milk zapper will give you a better result for good frothed milk. So, we take out our espresso with the Poemia, and we froth the milk with the zapette.

The big advantage of this machine is that it makes the perfect introductory kit. If after a certain time you want to upgrade to a superior machine, your basic investment remains quite low. And the mill can be used for your filter preparations.

Set #2: Seriously, for lovers of coffee with complex flavors

There is certainly a big difference between this set and the first. There are a variety of intermediate coffee makers on the market that seem to bridge the gap between these two sets. But you see, these machines won't offer much more in your cup. And a middle ground will often prevent you from making the step up to a superior machine, as the desire for a better quality cup will arise. It's a never-ending quest 😊

There is a saying in the espresso machine business: Go big or go out . What this means is that if you don't have a good machine, leave the house and go to a specialized coffee shop. So, I think it's worth waiting and saving to buy a truly good machine.

Oscar II Solution #2 is what I call a semi-professional . A machine composed mainly of professional components, but with sufficient service capacity for the home. I consider this machine to be capable of giving you a performance similar to what you find in professional coffeeshops. Obviously, you will succeed if you respect the basic concepts of extraction.

I have been a fan of Nuova Simonelli for a long time , especially for semi-pro. It's quality, and having disassembled several of them, the components are exactly the same as for their basic commercial model.

For milk, you have a steam nozzle with the machine which gives real steam. So it's possible to work with milk like a pro and make a few coffees one after the other without overloading the machine.

The proposed grinder is a grinder dedicated to espresso, with a timer doser. For this type of machine, a multi-function mill will no longer be sufficient. We are getting closer to a professional installation.

And with this machine, you can choose the coffee you like. You will be able to work with fine wines, light roasted without any problem. The machine will respond well depending on the settings you give it.

Set #3: Serious and motivated... for baristas

Musica For this one, there is no real improvement in the quality of what will be in your cup. The difference comes from the fact that the espresso machine, the Musica de Nuova Simonelli , has elements that improve the preparation. Volumetric memory buttons for your espresso doses, a nozzle to give hot water and a larger serving capacity (60 cups per day). Which makes it a very popular solution for small businesses.


This is what I would suggest to you if you were chatting with me about which machine you should buy. I invite you to contact me if you need clarification on the equipment.



  • Nathalie Barriault

    Très bon article! Je suis très satisfaite pour l’instant avec ma Poemia qui me donne un expresso parfait à tout coup! L’avenir nous dira… Merci!

  • Charles

    Très bien … et pour ceux qui voudraient investir davantage pour une machine Espresso des plus performante il y aura bien sûr les les fameuses " italiennes " dotées du renommé Groupe de tête E61 avec en plus un thermostat réglable ( PID ) … pensez toutefois facilement atteindre à tout le moins 1,500 $ – 2,500 $ … vous retrouverez alors toute la quintessence du café !

  • Sebastien

    Très intéressan comme article t! La Avanti Capri très bon choix aussi qualité prix

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