Coffee Making Guide: Brewing with an Aeropress

Jao Joel


Easy to use, transport and clean, the Aeropress is one of our top filter coffee utensil suggestions. Visit our store here to purchase the model we recommend and use.

The Aeropress appeals to individuals for its excellent quality-price ratio, baristas like to use it because its filter coffee extractions are always of uniform (faithful) quality.

Guide to preparing filter coffee, with the Aéropress

Everything you need to prepare filter coffee with the Aeropress:

  • Your Aeropress coffee maker
  • 13.75 gr of finely ground coffee
  • 250 ml of water , which will be heated to 93.5 °C / 200 °F
  • An additional quantity of hot water, which will be used to preheat the filters
  • Infusion time: 2 to 3 minutes

Preparation steps:

  • Clean and consolidate all your equipment filter coffee
  • Place your filter in the Aeropress
  • Preheat it filter by pouring the hot water provided for this purpose
  • Discard the water used for preheating
  • Place your cup on the scale
  • Put your ground coffee into the Aeropress receptacle
  • Install the Aeropress on the cup
  • Tare (set the default weight to zero) on the scale
  • Start the timer
  • Pour 50 ml of water into the Aeropress
  • Leave to act for 30 seconds before adding the remaining hot water
  • Place the piston on the Aeropress, without pressing it
  • At 1 minute 45, start to gently depress the piston
  • Enjoy your coffee

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