India Coffee - Mousson Malabar

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India Coffee - Mousson Malabar

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Malabar Monsoon coffee from India is a coffee with a rather interesting origin story. This process saw the very first light of day by pure chance while India was still under the sway of the British Indian Empire.

At the time, to make this coffee, batches of washed and natural coffee beans were all put together in barrels and stored in the holds of large British ships. They would be subjected to the constant influence of large salty ocean tides and humidity during a journey that lasted over 5 months. These grains will bypass the entire African continent to arrive in English ports completely transformed. But obviously, the Malabar Monsoon that you have in your hands right now did not spend 5 months in an old steamer to be mellowed, but its treatment is inspired by it.

You will enjoy a cup with more raw notes than usual. Keep in mind that this coffee is a cultural beverage and not a speciality coffee. It starts with a note of fresh tobacco and then offers the dry taste of cereals and herbs. This cup will end with the last fragrant note of dark chocolate spiced with raw cocoa.





Tabac, céréales, chocolat noir & herbes

Variété botanique

Arabica mousson et Robusta





Rassemblement de plusieurs cultivateurs situés dans l'état de Karnataka dans le Sud de l'Inde


1500 - 1900 m